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Charming Walks

Nôtre-Dame & River Seine

Scenic Views

Luxembourg Gardens

Ideal For Couples


Pastries & Restaurants
And more!



Monceau and the 17th district

Saint-Augustin & Madeleine

Historical Buildings
Scenic views

Opera & Place Vendôme

Customizable Itinerary

Invalides & Petit Palais

Ideal For Pictures
And more!



At The Heart Of City, There Is Culture

Beyond the familiar tourist destinations in the itineraries of everyone who’s traveling at the same time you are - there is a genuine, real side of your destination. A city that the group bus tour guides and flashing disposable cameras can’t hide or diminish.

local places

Going beyond the ordinary

If you want to become acquainted with the real culture, you have to know the best day trips, and you have to blend in a little bit. That’s why your personal local tour guide provides an invaluable service that enriches your experience immensely.

What's Golocal?

Included Private Transportation And Professionally-Curated Tours

GoLocal is different than other local tour guide companies. First of all, you don’t have to meet your personal tour guide – they will come to you with their own private transportation and drop you off wherever you like. Each one has been certified and interviewed by our team.


Secondly, your private tours are not 100% designed by the local tour guide; GoLocal collaborates with them to come up with an exciting and worthwhile itinerary for your private tours. They will take you to multiple neighborhoods and offer a good mix of popular tourism hotspots as well as local favorites. That way, you always know you are getting a tour that exceeds what your average tourist experiences.

While visiting a city, you can ask your local to take you anywhere you would like to explore.


Our tours contain the best local and cultural spots but if you prefer to see what you have in mind we will take you there.

Meet The Team

Adrian Caldwell

Tour Conceptor

Adele Vaughan

Local Relations & Communication

Amanda Flemming

Logistic & Development

Irwin Jhean


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